Appreciative Inquiry


A process for engaging people in building the organization they desire

J Z Daniels Company Limited and its partners, with a combined expertise in human resources leadership of over 100 years, are convinced that Appreciative Inquiry (AI) is the most effective strategy to achieve measurable, supportive organizational change. 

At the core of Appreciative Inquiry is a process that impacts individual, team, and organization-wide performance.


--Appreciative Inquiry--


  • Affirms competence and accomplishment
  • Motivates future efforts
  • Focuses on what makes work go smoothly
  • Makes possibilities a reality
  • Highlights initiatives to enhance and build

Fixing problems is the heart and soul of process consulting. AI is an interview driven process where employees are asked questions about times when they see things working at their best. Shifting the emphasis from deficiencies to values helps organizations recognize accomplishments and identify opportunities to embrace. 

Over the past thirty years, AI has successfully led supportive organizational change in a variety of sectors, including the education, health care, food service, and technology industries.

Appreciative Inquiry: A value-driven organization change process.