Welcome to J Z Daniels Company LTD

Our Purpose

Provide sound guidance to the business sector regarding the leadership and governance processes that have proven effective in engaging their workforce when the workforce is diverse and there is a commitment by the leadership of the enterprise to achieve outstanding people performance.

Engage the healthcare sector regarding the most effective strategies applicable when their service receiver population is culturally dissimilar and there is a commitment to achieve the most satisfying outcomes for both receiver and provider.

It's no secret that healthcare professionals must identify, respect, and care about their subscribers' differences, values, preferences, and expressed needs. All clinicians need to be attentive when interacting with healthcare subscribers, and be sensitive to and respectful of their perspectives on health and wellness. All clinician-subscriber relationships are inherently unequal. Culturally competent healthcare is an expectation by all individuals in an orderly functioning US pluralistic society. Eleven percent of the US population is foreign born, and fifteen percent of all healthcare workers were born outside of the United States.

Our purpose is to present the capabilities of this firm to partner with healthcare practitioners at all levels to equip them, and facilitate the delivery of optimal care to all subscribers across the often times challenging cultural and literacy divides.

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